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Q. When I insert a USB stick my Mac does not recognise it and wants to search the internet for new software. I am running MacOS 9.2.2 on a PowerMac G4.

A. This is most likely and usually caused by a conflict of drivers. First of all go into the ìExtensions Managerî in ìControl Panelsî and disable all non Apple USB extensions. Restart your Mac and re-insert your USB stick. The USB stick should now appear on your desktop as another disc drive.

Q. My USB/FIREWIRE CD-RW drive is not recognised by Roxio Toast on MacOS 9.2.2.

A. When you insert a pre-recorded CD ROM into the drive does it appear on the desktop? If not, go into the ìApple System profilerî and see if the device is listed. If the device is not there you may need to reset the PRAM. Please see the relevant article for your particular Mac. Assuming that the CD-RW is visible in the system profiler visit the Roxio web site to see if your drive is officially supported.. Go into the ìExtensions managerî in ìControl Panelsî and disable the ìDisk Burnerî, ìUSB Authoring Supportî and ìFirewire Authoring Supportî extensions then restart your Mac. Toast should now find your drive.


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